Policies and Procedures

(AS OF April 15, 2000)

I. General Policies:

A. Appointment Cancellation:

Advanced notice of one business day (8 business hours) or more by the client is required to cancel an appointment without incurring service charges. If the client chooses to cancel an appointment under 8 business hours of the scheduled time, the client will be billed for one full hour of time or for 20% (twenty percent) of the charges for the scheduled, whichever is larger.

B. Client "No-Show":

If the client fails to arrive for a scheduled appointment whether on-site or at EW&A's offices, the client will be billed for one full hour of time as well as for 20% (twenty percent) of the hourly charges for each additional hour scheduled.

II. Equipment:

A. Equipment Purchasing Policies:

EW&A doesn’t deal in equipment. We can locate the best priced equipment and advise on quality. For researching and preparing the quote the rate is $75 per hour.

B. Equipment Warranties:

Warranty and satisfaction is handled by the manufacturer of the equipment in question. If the equipment is a conglomerate of several manufacturers, each piece should have warranty through the manufacturer and satisfaction should be sought from there.

All equipment that has been sold through EW&A is still warranted to work for the complete time under the agreed warranty upon the time of purchase, and our invoice is your receipt.

No equipment can be warranted by EW&A in spite of tests, configurations, and reinstallation performed by associates. Used equipment out of manufacturer warranty is simply out of warranty. In order to warranty equipment, you would need to be charged more than a reasonable amount, or we would need to charge less than would be sensibly reasonable to guarantee the equipment last for any length of time.

III. Additional Expenses:

A. Travel Expenses:

Parking will be remunerated via tokens beforehand, validating parking, or straight reimbursement in payment for services. Automobile travel time 30 minutes and beyond (one-way) will result in an additional charge of $20 per travel hour. Plane fares are subject to 100% reimbursement by client in addition to hotel and automobile rental charges.

B. Long Distance Phone charges:

Client agrees to reimburse EW&A for long distance phone charges incurred during research and client consultation for said client.

C. Returned Checks:

Any and all returned checks will be subject to a $36.00 or twelve percent (12%) service charge, whichever is larger.

D. Typesetting and Scanning Charges:

Scanning of images is available. There is a $15.00 charge for the CD-ROM disk for storage and the disk can stay either in the client file at EW&A’s files or with the client. We can digitize anything, but the basic rates for the basic scans are $20.00 for the first scan and $3.00 for each additional scan. We can quickly scan photographs, slides, negatives, books, and papers. OCR work, for simple text is an additional $5.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page after that. Any OCR work of formulas or complex pages have to be negotiated. For 50 or more scans the initial scan fee of $20.00 can be dropped to $10.00 and for scans of more than 100 the fee can be dropped down to $4.00.
Turnaround time depends on what is in the queue to be done before we get your order. An estimated 48 hour turnaround for a job under 50 scans is average. For twice the charge we can decrease the turnaround time to 24 hours, and for four times the charge we can decrease the turnaround time to 12 hours.

IV. Billing policies:

A. Billing Rates:

Client will be billed a minimum of one hour for on-site services.

Client will be billed a minimum of twenty minutes for phone consultation.

No exceptions will be tolerated for not having read the prices and policies.

B. Invoicing Terms:

All debts must be paid in full at the end of service provided. Our bookkeeping can provide a receipt where the bill is for two hours or more of service or the payment is in a form other than a check. A paper receipt signed by person observing service will back as proof if an invoice is questioned.

If required by customer, an invoice for deferred payment will cost an extra ten percent (10%) of the total service amount. Invoices are expected to be paid in the first fifteen (15) days after service is performed. Invoices which are paid after fifteen (15) days after the due date are subject to a late charge of ten percent (10%) of the total invoice amount. Late fees of ten percent (10%) will be compounded every 15 days following the 30th day after service is performed.

C. Billing Address:

Please make all checks payable to Eric W.
All payments should be mailed to the following address:

Eric W
PO Box 93984, cc.pp7.
Atlanta, GA 30377-0984

V. Quality of Service Guarantee!

If a client perceives that a representative of EW&A has provided substandard service, EW&A will make every reasonable effort to remedy the situation by providing additional consultation at a reduced hourly rate or free of charge. Feedback is appreciated whether it is good or bad about our services and our associates. The Association strives to make a better business through the feedback of our clients. We do perform periodic internal audits as well as employ independent sources to acquire feedback to determine what is needed to serve you better.

Proof of receipt and agreement with the Pricing and Policies of 4/2000
I, the undersigned, have received, read, and do agree with the pricing and policies of Eric W & Associates.

Name: ____________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________

Company: ____________________________________

Date: ____________________________________

A copy may be faxed to EW&A at, handed to an associate, or mailed to the main office.

P.O. Box 93984, cc.pp7.
Atlanta, GA 30377-0984
(866) 573-5305 fax

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