A Brief History:

MS DOS is based on an earlier operating system which was derived from Unix - another text-based environment. Bill Gates licensed the use of the software to IBM while maintaining ownership for himself. As the use of the Personal Computer, both by IBM and by competitive companies grew, software became available exponentially. The DOS prompt is now being eliminated as quickly as possible by big companies, and by development of graphical environments like Windows 2000. Alternate DOS environments are developed for people who want the reliability of a simpler system, and some are even free.


C:\> Simpler system requiring less overhead so less problems occur

C:\> The computer operates faster using DOS than a graphical environment like Windows

C:\> The required computer costs extremely less because of extremely less requirements to do standard office tasks

C:\> Alot of software is available through a system of marketing called shareware - try it first, pay for it later


C:\> No centralized fonts so any font on one program needs to have another respective font to do styled type on the printer

C:\> Long file names are not native so an additional program must be added to make that work

C:\> Support is difficult because Microsoft and several other companies have distanced themselves from the environment

C:\> Programs are no longer on the market in the general stores for DOS environments

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