Other Internet Links of Interest

Majour Manufacturers
www.apple.com - Manufacturer of Macintosh computers and the MacOS operating system
www.microsoft.com - Manufacturer of intellectual property, software such as Windows, Word, Excel, DOS, and a few other programs.
www.dell.com - Dell makes computer systems, and they have quality products
www.winbook.com - WinBook makes quality laptops and have great support
www.packardbell.com - let's just say I get a lot of business because of the lack of quality of their products
www.toshiba.com - I wouldn't recommend their laptops, but you can try them if you want to risk it

ISP - Internet Service Providers
www.mindspring.com - home grown in Atlanta, this company has superiour customer relations, just try to call most companies and ask for help and then compare it to what you will find from MindSpring/EarthLink
www.aol.com - this company has a certain notoriety with junk mail, annoying advertizement screens, and customer service which has actually improved a little over time - buyer beware
www.BellSouth.com - just a local phone service getting into the internet... see also www.pacbell.com, etc.

Linux - an organization of people who have banded together to form a more perfect operating system in spite of the overpowering control of the software operating system manufacturers.

free e-mail servers
mail.yahoo.com - free email from Yahoo
www.hotmail.com - free email from Microsoft

Search Engines
www.yahoo.com - biggest name recognition
www.google.com - fastest search engine
www.dogpile.com - searches multiple search engines at once

www.eudora.com - a superior email program, far better than Outlook has ever been
www.hotfiles.com - a web site which has links to lots of good files, programs, and such
www.clarkhoward.com - visit the financial advice guru Clark Howard, and see how he can save you money and maybe even more
www.napster.com - Napster, the New Artist Program, is a program and an organization for sharing music files of artists amongst individuals... use with caution and abide by copyright laws :)
www.zdnet.com - ZDNet is a watchdog of the computer industry and a source for good advice and reviews
www.netscape.com - manufacturer of the web browser Netscape
www.edmunds.com - great for evaluating automobiles both new and used

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