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called Black and Bleu. If you ever wanted to know what a Type -39 error (or any other error for that matter) is in a language you can understand, Black and Bleu will tell you and give you some advice on what to do about it. See the review in the September issue of Mac Addict magazine.

What did the editors of Macworld magazine think were the top products introduced at this summer's Apple Expo in New York? Airport and Apple's new iBook top the list.

See what else they like at:

A Brief History:
Apple developed as a graphical competitor to the other systems which were almost completely text-based computers. Along with the graphical interface, Apple developed their own software and several companies have grown from their start (such as Claris).

Growth of the systems can be seen in processor types, processor speeds, video capacity, memory and hard drive increases. The latest line of products uses the PowerPC G3 chip which beats the pants off the processors in most PC/Windows computers in BYTEmark integer tests.


System is easier and more intuitive to use than any other system on the market

More reliable to use, fewer system failures, hardware problems, incompatibilities

No Y2K issues!! It was built and engineered with the future in mind!

Programs available are more than enough for individuals and companies to operate effectively

Great support for graphics and in both music and video

Long files names have been supported from the start of the system's design back in the 1980's

Support is easy because the system works so well

Networking has been native to the operating system from the beginning

Fast peripheral support has been a Macintosh tradmark - earlier on with SCSI and currently with USB


More expensive (they get the system built right the first time!)

Less programs available (but all that anyone or any company) would need

Bill Gates despises competition (wah!)

Some new systems come without writable media drives, such as floppy drive, it must be purchased separately

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